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The Virtual Family Office is a relatively recent innovation for successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and families with Net Worth of $10 Million to $200+ Million that makes the advantages of single-family offices that were once restricted to the Super Rich available to a wide array of the affluent.

This means it’s possible for driven entrepreneurs who don’t yet possess massive amounts of wealth to access quasi family office-level expertise from Consummate Professionals across the country, or even in other nations. Increasingly, high-performing Virtual Family Offices can pull together resources and experts from diverse locations and coordinate their actions on behalf of families that have significant assets (but don’t necessarily have the $200 million that typically is required for a single-family office to make sense).



A high-performing Virtual Family Office can be instrumental in optimizing your financial world to make it work as best as it possibly can.

Furthermore, your high-performing Virtual Family Office can probably help you deal with an array of wishes and concerns that are not at their core financial. Like all aspects of life, these wishes and concerns have financial components, so your high-performing Virtual Family Office can help you most cost-effectively address them, now and in the future. All in all, a high-performing Virtual Family Office delivers a comprehensive set of expertise within a comprehensive experience.

As we’ve seen, as you move up the Wealth Management Hierarchy, you get the best of the previous level and then add exceptional expertise to it. Thus, wealth management is a core expertise of your high-performing Virtual Family Office.

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1. Financial Stress Test

Our Stress testing process systematically evaluates whether the financial and related services and products you are using will deliver the results you expect while ensuring that you are not missing any meaningful opportunities. We can help you make sure that you are making smart decisions and confirm that you are working with truly capable professionals. (Your email address and phone number are required in order to schedule the Financial Stress Test)


2. Your Optimal Financial World intro Brochure

This overview begins with a clear explanation of the Virtual Family Office Hierarchy, followed by a brief discussion of how the structure of the Virtual Family Office (VFO) may offer you distinct advantages that most financial advisors and wealth managers may not offer. 


3. Your Optimal Financial World e-book

Written by Russ Alan Prince and John J. Bowen Jr. For many successful people, a Virtual Family Office is often the most cost-effective and generally easiest way to optimize their financial world. Your Optimal Financial World will give you the knowledge you need to make the informed decisions that will take you forward. 

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